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What People Say About It

“True leaders can be recognised that they are always one step ahead. Therefore they are also able to pass on their knowledge without holding back. That's how learning is lots of fun! 


Markus Eichenberger belongs to this category of people. He understands what makes such a workshop an unforgettable experience."




“To chase stars in the workshop of Markus in the Aletsch Arena is a wonderful experience for all senses. The occurance of light and darkness is an impressive sight through the view finder of the camera or without it. The silence and the smell of the glacier ice is very fascinating. The workshop is also highly recommended for hobbyists without the newest gadgets."


“The Aletsch-Arena is a Hotspot for Landscape- and star Photography. I always wanted to take photos in this region. The opportunity to join a workshop that combined the region and the introduction to star photography was the key factor to participate. In the 24 hours of the workshop I received a lot of tips which I could immediately put in practice. The aquired experience already helped me to put into practice at another photo shooting."




“For me it was a  great experience. Not only for the photography but also to feel the atmosphere, to be up there in the middle of the night, is very impressive. The weather changes by the minute. Thank you Markus for the hospitality, the photography tips and information. It was lots of fun!"


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