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Beginners workshop


Time-lapse films have become very popular in recent years and have become an integral part of many television and cinema films. Time lapses are a great way to put slow-moving objects in the right light. Be it clouds, stars, people or trains that playfully pass by. It is possible to create a clip with a SLR or system camera with relatively little effort. 


Learn the basic techniques for creating time-lapse clips and also how to create a short film with music from award-winning time-lapse filmmaker Markus Eichenberger.  


In the first part of the workshop the focus is on the camera. Which camera settings do you have to make in order not to cause flickering in the time-lapse clip. What manual settings does it require? How and where is the best way to set up the camera? How do you set the intervalometer correctly?


In the second, practical part, several short time-lapse sequences are recorded in the immediate vicinity of the training location.


In the third part, the photos are imported and processed in LRTimelapse so that they can be saved as time-lapse clips. After the clips have been successfully created, the focus is on post-production. How do you make a short film out of the clips? How do you add music to a clip and how do you combine several clips into a film?






10:00 - 11:00     Training camera settings for filming time lapse




  • Manual adjustment of the camera

  • Aperture setting

  • Lenses

  • Intervalometer

  • tripod

  • Etc

11:00 - 12:00     Take photos outdoors with an intervalometer


12:00 - 13:00     Lunch


1:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.     Training in processing the material




  • Import to Lightroom

  • LRTimelapse

  • editing

  • export

  • Create a clip in LRTimelapse

  • Compiling the clips into a film

  • Create intro, music and credits

  • Export functions



Target groups:

Photo enthusiasts who are interested in time-lapse photography but have not yet had any experience with it.



Excitement to try something new. You should bring your own laptop and a manually adjustable camera, a tripod and an intervalometer if it is not built into the camera.



  • What kind of equipment do you need for a time-lapse and what settings are necessary for time-lapse photography


  • Manual adjustment of the camera

  • Aperture setting

  • Lenses

  • Intervalometer

  • Tripods

  • Tips and Tricks


  • Edit the photos into a clip


  • Import to Lightroom

  • Editing in LRTimelapse

  • Export the edited photos

  • Create a clip in LRTimelapse


  • Editing the clips into a short film


  • Editing clips into a film

  • Create intro, music and credits

  • Film export options 

Course leader:


Markus Eichenberger

Course dates:


You can either view the course data directlyRegistration or from the event calendarhere




10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m


Number of participants:

In individual lessons

Meeting point:


Aarau Info

Metzgergasse 2

5000 Aarau





The course costs are 450 CHF and can be paid at the end of the workshop in cash or with EC or credit card. 

Anmeldung Timelapse Einsteige
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