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Northern Spitsbergen - pack ice area


Northern Spitsbergen - pack ice area


This trip is one of the few opportunities to observe and photograph polar bears in their natural environment. What makes the trip so special is that we take an expedition ship to the pack ice and then look for wildlife in the pack ice. Since the ship has a high ice class, it is possible to sail through pack ice without any problems. This is not possible with smaller ships. In the first part of the trip we will sail around the island of Spitsbergen, go ashore and track down wild reindeer, walruses and arctic foxes. It is also possible to come across whales on the way. There is always a crew member on the bridge looking for wildlife. Afterwards we will reach 80 degrees north, where we will search for polar bears in the pack ice. Animal sightings cannot be guaranteed, but we will do our best to see polar bears. The crew and expedition leaders (mostly biologists) are very experienced, know the behavior of the animals very well and always take their well-being into consideration. This means we will avoid exposing the animals to stress and acting as observers. 


I documented this trip in collaboration with Oceanwide Expeditions for their website 3 years ago. Below you can see the film that was created and also photos that I took for the trip. It's difficult to describe a trip like this and the easiest way is to let the pictures speak for themselves...


Various airlines offer flights to Longyearbyen. I have put together suitable flights. In collaboration with Globetrotter Travel Services we will be able to book you the best possible package. 



It is a unique experience to travel to the pack ice and see polar bears in their natural environment. 


Note on the route: the final routing of the trip is decided on site by the expedition leader and captain on a daily basis, always adapted to the circumstances (wind/weather/wildlife). Wildlife sightings cannot be guaranteed. In recent years there have been frequent sightings. 



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  • Support and travel guidance throughout the entire trip by Markus Eichenberger (in German, English, Spanish) and the Expedition Leader from Oceanwide Expeditions

  • 3 photography workshops during the trip on different topics: wildlife photography, composition/image discussion, travel photography

  • Individual photographic support is possible throughout the entire trip as we are a small group of a maximum of 6 people.

  • Photo reviews in the evening

  • Photo documentation of the trip



There is no minimum number of participants. However, the maximum is set at 6 people to ensure high-quality photographic support. The ship has space for a maximum of 116 passengers. The photography workshops are exclusively run by Markus Eichenberger Photo & Film Productions carried out.



This trip is offered in collaboration with Oceanwide Expeditions (ship booking) and Globetrotter (flight & hotel booking). Registration takes place directly through me and you will then be looked after by Globetrotter Travel Services and Oceanwide Expeditions. If you have any questions, I'm happy to help you at any time.

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Eisbär Anmeldung
Eisbär Impressionen


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