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Northern Lights Photography Land Trip
in the fjords of northern Norway



Who wouldn't want to be able to marvel at the Northern Lights and travel through the picturesque fjords of Norway? New to the program, I am offering this trip in the Tromsö area. 


Various airlines offer flights to Tromso. I have put together suitable flights. In collaboration with Globetrotter Travel Services, I will offer you the best possible package. 



1st - 3rd day arrival / Tromsö

The fascinating city of Tromsö is the starting point of our journey. We will take various smaller trips to museums and to Fjellheisen (Tromsö's local mountain) and collect our first impressions photographically.

4th - 6th day / Sommaroy

Sommaroy means summer island in Norwegian and with the beautiful sandy beaches you almost feel like you are in the Caribbean. It has a very centrally located, beautiful hotel, which we use as a base for excursions in the region. To the south lies Senja, an island that is very popular for its picturesque landscape and is often compared to the Lofoten. 

6th - 9th day / Ersfjordbotn

Ersfjordbotn is also known as THE Northern Lights Fjord in Norway and is surrounded by two very striking mountain ranges. We have the opportunity to stay in a house that reflects the charm of Norway and is a 2-minute walk from the beach and a beautiful pier.


The village has a cozy café where you can eat and buy local specialties. From Ersfjordbotn we will also go on excursions by minibus and, depending on the weather, hunt for the Northern Lights, although a clear sky is a prerequisite for spotting the Northern Lights. From here we will drive back to Tromsö city or directly to the airport, depending on your individual travel plan. 

Note on the route:We will decide on the final travel route on site on a daily basis, adapted to the circumstances (wind/weather/wildlife). Wildlife and Aurora Borealis sightings cannot be guaranteed. We have had frequent sightings in recent years. 

NO NORWAY 2022 EXTRAS IMG_3624-Pano.jpg

TRAVELING EXPENSES(everything included except food and drinks)

Calculation Aurora Northern Norway Trip 2023.jpg
NO NORWAY 2022 EXTRAS IMG_7300.jpg



  • Support and tour guidance throughout the entire trip by Markus Eichenberger (in German, English, Spanish) 

  • 3 photography workshops during the trip on different topics: Northern Lights photography, composition/image discussion, travel photography and much more.

  • Individual photographic support is possible throughout the entire trip as we are a small group of a maximum of 6 people.

  • Photo reviews in the evening

  • Photo documentation of the trip



There is no minimum number of participants. However, the maximum is set at 6 people to ensure high-quality photographic support. 



This trip is offered in collaboration with Globetrotter (flight & hotel booking). Registration takes place directly through me and you will then be looked after by Globetrotter Travel Services to book flights and hotels. If you have any questions, I am of course available at any time. 


Anmeldung Norwegen
Impressionen Aurora Norwegen

Impressions of the trip

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