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What the participants say


"It was a unique experience, starting with the unique sunset, the informative course, the rich dinner, the practical part under the crystal clear night sky, your practical tips, the great sunrise and the rich morning meal.


It was a total success and one of the greatest nights of my life. The fact that it has so many stars and that they can only be seen in the photo was a new discovery that I will never forget as long as I live."

Hans Peter


"Looking at the photos from the Schilthorn workshop makes my eyes shine like the stars we photographed.


Thanks to your pleasant andcalm kind the technique of star photography 

These recordings became possible in the first place.

And in a location that I would probably never have experienced without the course. Thank you again for this (hopefully not) unique opportunity."


“I was able to take part in this workshop last weekend, February 25/26, 2017. It was great!


A wonderful mountain backdrop, a cozy fondue evening in a friendly group of participants and a fantastic starry sky as a motif. Plus the competent and tried and tested explanations from Markus. Really really great."


“You can recognize real leaders by

that they are always one step ahead of the others. 

This means they are also able to pass on the current state of knowledge without reservation - and this makes learning really fun.

Markus Eichenberger belongs to exactly this category of people and understands what makes such a workshop a unique experience."


“We really enjoyed the photography workshop. The light and the location

were optimal.


The special thing was that we were the only ones on the Bettmerhorn from 4:30 p.m. We enjoyed the freedom of photography in the freezing cold for hours at night. The Milky Way with the Aletsch Glacier at 2 a.m. was sensational. - Gladly again!”


“The millions and millions of stars that were able to be optimally captured in the image thanks to the ideal conditions at the selected locations remain unforgettable.


Thanks to the competent support and great tips from Markus Eichenberger, the result was impressive photos, exciting time-lapse shots and star trail images that you can hardly get enough of.”

Markus Z.

“Chasing stars in Markus Eichenberger’s workshop in the Aletscharena is a wonderful experience for all the senses.


The staging of light and dark is done by the eye (along with the sometimes clammy fingers on the camera body); the silence and the smell of the glacier ice inspire new perspectives.


Also highly recommended for amateur photographers without the latest gadgets in their camera bag."



"All three of us really enjoyed it. So many things went right. Your calm manner, coupled with a high level of professional competence and the excellent organization played their part.


The seminar was a big movie in terms of emotions, not only because of the weather and the good course management, but also because of the very special environment. You sit alone up there for a night, where no one else can (and is allowed) to be at night. You have no distractions and can concentrate on taking photos."


“A huge compliment for the great workshop on Bettmeralp!

With your expertise and your very pleasant manner, you managed this unforgettably beautiful, unique night in the middle of the mountains brilliantly - thank you."


A great and unforgettable night from February 26th to 27th at the Aletsch Glacier! Markus Eichenberger showed us the secrets of star photography in theory and practice with great expertise.

With as much technology as necessary and as much freedom as possible, he was always happy to answer our questions and requests.

Such a workshop with a unique combination

    More participant-friendly

    Knowledge transfer

    practical implementation 

excellent organization

    sensational location 

    delicious cheese fondue 


it's probably not that easy to find again.


Thank you very much for that!

Wolfgang Z

Even a week after the great experience, I'm still thrilled and have a smile and a tear in my eye when I think about it.


A smiling eye because everything was just right, great people, great atmosphere, great food and great photos. A teary eye because it was over so quickly."


“The Aletsch Arena is a hotspot for landscape and star photography. I've always wanted to take photos here. The opportunity to combine this with an expert introduction to star photography was crucial to take part.


In the 24 hours or so I spent in this area, I received a lot of tips and was able to put them into practice. I was able to use the experience I gained in this way again on another occasion."

Markus F.

“It was a very impressive experience for me. In addition to the photography itself, the atmosphere in the middle of the night was very impressive.


The weather situation changed from minute to minute. Thank you Markus for the great support, tips and information. It was really fun!”


“I was very surprised that Markus still carried out the star photography workshop with such a small group like us. We were rewarded with unique weather conditions around the Eggishorn.


Luckily, Markus had professional help on site. So that we were able to skilfully stage the unique atmosphere. Many thanks to Markus.”


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