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Workshops on Mount Eggishorn

Night Photography Workshop on Mount Eggishorn with an 

overnight stay at the beautiful Horli Hitta



Markus Eichenberger Photo & Film Productions


15:30        Take the cable car up to the Eggishorn

16:00        Greetings of all participants at the Horli Hitta next to the Eggishorn station by Markus, start of the                                workshop

16:15        Information tour of the facilities

16:30        Preparation for sunset photography 

                 Enjoy the amazing views and take in the peaceful atmosphere of the place, it is possible to drink                                  something warm 

17:15        Enjoy the sunset and take photos

17:45        1 1/2 hours star photography course in the Horli Hitta

19:30        Dinner with Cheese Fondue (alternative meal available)

20:30        Preparation star photography

21:00        Enjoying the starry sky and the mountains. Taking photos (including further help and instructions by                            Markus if needed), sleeping and having a rest with the option to drink and eat something during the night                    (self-service)

07:00        Preparation for sunrise photo shooting

08:00        Enjoy the sunrise and take photos

09:00        Enjoy the views and the atmosphere while having a drink and waiting for the first cable car. 

09:30        Having breakfast together at the beautiful Hotel Alpina at Fiescheralp (Breakfast Buffet, optional)

10:00        Official end of the workshop



The workshops can be booked here. Please contact me for further details.


All workshops are organised one week before and after the new moon to assure dark nights and bright stars. Feel free to make a reservation for more than one event at a time. However, 5 days before the event, the participants will be informed if the workshop will take place (it is depending heavily on the weather conditions). By the time of the confirmation it is also your obligation to attend the workshop or to cancel it so that another person has the opportunity to join. In case of more reservations than places available, a waiting list will be made. As always, first comes first serves. 


If the workshops are held depends mainly on the weather conditions. The event will only take place when the weather conditions are very good (clear night skies) and there are enough participants (minimal 4 photographers and 2 star gazers). 


In case of interest it is also possible to hold the course in German and Spanish. Please contact me directly for further information



The workshop costs 400.— CHF for photographers (it includes the star photography course and documents) and 200.— CHF for stargazers (without photography course). Included for everyone is dinner (Cheese Fondue or alternative meal), accommodation (bed mattress with blanket). Tripods and headlights can be borrowed for photography participants if needed. Costs for transportation are not included. Insurance is the responsibility of the participants.


The number of participants is limited to 10 people (6 photographers and 4 stargazers) to assure a high quality of the workshop. The photography course is made in a way that all levels of photographers, from beginners to professionals, can participate. The workshop leader is Markus Eichenberger. 




Photography Gear

To be able to take high quality photos of the stars, it is recommended to use a DSLR or a mirrorless camera. To allow enough light to fall onto the camera sensor, a lens with a big aperture provides better results. The aperture should be bigger than F 4.0, ideally an F2.8 lens. To get most of the scenery, it is also recommended to use a wide angle lens of 24mm to 15mm. Most cameras that have been made in the last 3-5 years are very  good in noise reduction at high ISOs and therefore very suitable for night photography. A tripod is a must for night photography. If not available I can lend you one. Please let me know in advance if you need one or if you have any additional questions about the workshop. 

Clothing / Sleeping bag

It will be very cold at 2800 meters above sea level. It means that warm ski clothing, a hat and gloves are very important. A headlight or torch is recommended as we will be outside during new moon, where there is not much light available. Good shoes that protect against the cold and which have a good profile are also essential. If available, please bring your own  sleeping bag. Otherwise a mattress and blanket will be provided. Please let me know in advance.


We have the unique opportunity to stay overnight inside the beautiful Horli Hitta on Mount Eggishorn. There we enjoy dinner and I will give the photography course. We also sleep in the hut which accommodates up to 10 people. Bed mattresses and blankets are available. The hut has central heating. The toilets are in the Eggishorn station 30 meters away.  During the information tour, I will explain all the details about the facilities.



Ski Tourist Participants: It is possible to ski to the Hotel Alpina at Fiescheralp and leave them there. Then take the cable car next door to reach the Eggishorn. Alternatively, you can go up to the Eggishorn taking your skis with you in the gondola an leave the skis up there at the Eggishorn station. 


Important: please make sure that you take another pair of shoes with you. Ski shoes are not suitable nor comfortable for the night stay and the workshop. It is not allowed to ski down to Fiescheralp during the night as the slopes are prepared. It is dangerous.


Photography Participants: The cable car runs from Fiesch to Fiescheralp and then by changing cable cars (inside the station) you will reach the Eggishorn.

For all Participants: Please make sure that you calculate enough time to get to the Bettmerhorn before the last cable car ride.


Transportation costs have to be paid by the participants. From Fiesch to  Eggishorn it costs 22.50 CHF Return with a Halbtax. The GA is valid up to Fiescheralp! From there the ticket costs 50% of the standard fare. Most likely the cable car rides are also included in the ski pass for all the ski tourists that will join. However, please make sure you double-check before hand. 


At the end of the workshop, all participants will receive a coffee to go cup and the photography course documentation will be sent by email to everyone.

IMG_1835 2.jpg

As a participant of the workshop you have the possibility to join the Facebook Group “Swiss Star Chasers”. This group is made for all who have a passion for star photography. It is a place to ask questions or to share information about anything related to night photography.



Please contact me directly to make a reservation or any kind of questions you have. 


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