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I spent a lot of time to take photos at night in the last 3 years. Especially the region of Aletsch Arena, in the canton of Valais in Switzerland fascinates me a lot. There is hardly any light pollution and the glacier offers magnificiant panoramic views. In the last few months there were many request about a workshop about night photography. Now I decided to offer such events to show you my world of stars and mountains. The workshop is suitable to all type of photographers, from beginners to professionals. 




  • Lunch at Berghaus Toni at Riederalp 

  • Afterwards 2 hours of theory about night photography (also at Berghaus Toni)

  • relaxed walk from Riederalp to Bettmeralp (optional possible by taxi as well)

  • Cable car journey to the restaurant Bettmerhorn and preparing the cameras for sunset and the night

  • Dinner (Menu available) at Restaurant Bettmerhorn

  • Photographing sunset

  • Overnight stay at Bettmerhorn. During the night we will apply the knowleadge from the theory. Try out different techniques. Questions will be answered and additional tricks will be shared. If someone feels tired, one can retreat to the restaurant Bettmerhorn where we can use the full infrastructure like snacks, drinks and toilets stops. It is also possible to sleep in sleeping bags. 

  • Admire sunrise at 6.30 am and take photos of it. 

  • A great Buffet Breakfast is served at Hotel Slalom at Bettmeralp. The workshop finishes with a short lecture about how to post process the photos in Lightroom and a Q&A session at noon.




Minimum 5, maximum 10 participants 

1 organiser (Markus Eichenberger)



The workshop costs 250.— CHF. Additional costs for participants are the travel cost to come to the Aletsch Arena, lunch at Berghaus Toni, dinner at restaurant Bettmerhorn, cable car tickets and breakfast in the morning. Insurance is the responsibility of the participants. 



Photo Gear

The ideal setup to take photos of the stars is to use a DSLR camera. To capture enough light in complete darkness, a lens with a big aperture is recommended. It means a lens that has a lower F-stop than F4.0. Ideally is a lens that goes down to F2.8. The landscape with all the mountains will of course also play a major role, therefore it is also recommended to use a lens as wide as possible, e.g. minimum 24mm or wider like 15mm.  Most cameras that were released in the last 3-5 years display less noise at high ISO settings. This helps a lot for night photography. It is also essential to use a tripod to guarantee a steady exposure of the photo. Please let me know if you have any questions concerning your camera gear.


Additional Gear

Clothes: Even it gets quite hot down in the valley during summer, it can get really fresh at 2800 meters above sea level at night. It is recommended to take a warm jacket (e.g. ski jacket), a hat and gloves with you. A torch or head lamp is extremely important as we will face extrem darkness during the new moon. For walking best is hikking shoes that are comfortable. We will walk from Riederalp to Bettmeralp station. It is not a difficult hike but still easier with hikking shoes. The camera gear can be transported optionally by taxi to the Bettmerhorn station at Bettmeralp. If someone does not like to walk it is also possible, of course, to take the taxi.  



The number of participants is limited to 5-10 people. If the minimum of 5 people is not reached the workshop will not be held. Reservations can be made directly through me contact@markuseichenberger.com or new also through my website, click here. Reservations follow the principle of first comes first serves. I will also make a waiting list if a date is booked out. Insurance is the responsibility of the participants. 



The weather is the most important factor for such workshops. 1 week before the workshop I will check the weather and will inform the participants if the workshop will take place.